A pair of Neon Genesis Evangelion jeans were recently unveiled in Japan. These are not the first Eva jeans. Heck, they're not even the geekiest jeans Japan has to offer.

Even with the large Nerv logo on the back pocket, Japan has seen geekier jeans. Oh, yes. And no, I'm not talking about those El Shaddai threads!

I give you the One Piece jeans from 2010, which read this on the butt: "I'm gonna be tha pirates king!!"


Geek fashion like this ain't cheap: These One Piece jeans are priced at ¥19,950 or US$254, while the latest Eva jeans are a whopping ¥26,250 ($335) and will be out this October in Japan.

エヴァンゲリオンレーシング コージーンズ [Runatown]

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