The iconic outfit of fighting game character Mai Shiranui has become the standard, de rigueur threads. It's not the standard for gamers, but for models. In Asia—especially China and Taiwan—models keep popping in non-gaming related events dressed as the SNK fighting game character.

So whether its car shows or book signings, Mai Shiranui continues to appear over and over again—rather, models dressed as Mai Shiranui (here and here).

For a longtime in neighboring Japan, Mai has also been a go-to for models, but the character's outfit isn't quite the default get-up as it's recently been in China.

The appeal of the outfit isn't so much that everyone in China loves The King of Fighters (though, of course, it has a following). Instead, the outfit is skimpy and revealing and has become a uniform of sorts. So if you want to show up in cosplay, its an easy go-to choice—instead of simply representing the fighting game character.

Most recently, model Lan Fenghuang (above) is making waves in both China and Taiwan—and, of course, Japan—with her Mai Shiranui duds.

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