It's Labor Day weekend in the U.S., a time for sitting around reflecting on all things labor-related and the contributions workers have made to our country. Contributions like sitting on the can at work playing some gaming apps instead of working. Games like this week's five Gaming Apps of the Day!

I realize it's hard to find time to play mobile games while you aren't working, but this week's crop is definitely worth your free time. We've got an innovative Windows Phone shooter that's only two years late (they were probably busy playing gaming apps), a hilarious pixelated adventure game, a brain-splitting puzzle game, a fantasy RPG runner, and a game that makes you bash an old woman through brick walls.

If those five titles don't encompass the spirit of the American worker, than I don't know what does (I don't know what does).

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

An iPhone Game That Splits Your Fingers as Well as Your Brain

After nearly five years with an iPhone in my pocket, I bought an Android phone last week. A HTC One XL. It's a glorious phone, and I had been looking forward to providing a little more Android coverage on GAOTD, but seeing as I've gotten side-tracked playing old Lucasarts adventure games on the thing, I haven't had enough time to play new Android games. Sorry. Maybe next week. More »

Xbox Indie Darling Shoot 1UP Finally Makes it to Mobile

Back in 2010 when we were first getting to know Windows Phone 7, indie developer Mommy's Best Games demonstrated the platform's power with a mobile version of its unique Xbox Live Indie bullet-hell shooter, Shoot 1UP. Two years later... More »

This Hilarious Point-and-Click Game Blows You Up Three Times in One Minute

Do yourself a favor: play some levels before you read the help in McPixel. You may not know what to do at first when the point-and-click game by indie developer Mikolaj 'Sos' Kaminski starts up. That's okay. You'll probably wind up triggering something very funny. Like kicking everyone in the junk. More »

Powerful Mobile Destruction Physics Dedicated to Beating Up a Poor Old Woman

The rollerskating Granny Smith is a spry old bird. She has to be, as developer Mediocre has dedicated substatial technology towards beating the living hell out of her. More »

Fun, a Little Frustrating, but Still Free, One Epic Knight Gives a Good Run for the Money

I was having a fun time hustling through this dungeon, darting left, sliding, slicing up a gelatinous cube, picking up loot, when suddenly I turned splat into the wall. That's a fitting metaphor for One Epic Knight, too. More »