The last time we saw Nervli (aka Melonpan), he was unboxing otaku stuff. In the bathtub. Now, he's back—this time, with a man strapped to his back and a hug pillow strapped to his front. Oh dear.

That's right, Nervli jumped out of an airplane with an instructor (as required for novice jumpers!) and a hug pillow. Called "dakimakura" in Japan where they originated, geeky hug pillows feature anime character slipcovers. So surely, this must be a first for skydiving? A first for humankind?


In case you are wondering, that's artificial being Nia Teppelin from Gurren Lagann on the love cushion.

For those who are dying to see more (and really, who isn't?), Nervli has numerous photos of hug pillow skydiving on his Flickr page. You can also relive the magic on his YouTube clip of the event.

またお前か! ドイツのガチオタが「ニア」の抱き枕と一緒にスカイダイビング [Kotaku Japan]
Meidocafe [Flickr]

(Top photo: Meidocafe | Flickr)

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