Unboxing Nerdy Stuff. In the Bathtub.

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In my day, I’ve seen loads of unboxing videos—you know, those clips in which people remove products from, well, their boxes. I thought the strangest one I’d ever see depicted shirtless fat men unboxing Skyrim. I was wrong.

This is YouTube user Nervli (aka Melonpan). He unboxes otaku stuff in this bathtub. However, I worry less about the cardboard boxes he puts in the bathwater and more about the instances he uses that knife.

The videos feature banana dancing and man nipples, so if you’re sensitive to any of those, you might want to sit this round out.

Meidocafe Channel [YouTube via Kotaku Japan]

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You know, these were clearly shot with a handheld camera... so I keep asking myself, who is the other guy (or girl?) willing to film this odd fellow?