One of our writers has been deathly afraid of moles all of his life. He says one of this week's Gaming Apps 'o the Day cured him of that fear. I say no so fast.

One does not simply brush aside a fear for Earth's diamond-clawed tunnel rats. He can find brief solace in Hello Kitty. He can wrap himself in a protective cocoon of felt. He can try going about solving his problem logically. He can even try a little digging himself. Four of this week's five featured apps are here to help.


But the fifth? It's not a cure. It's a Band-Aid brand adhesive strip over a much bigger problem. And is that a mole talon slowly poking through the bandage?

Are you not entertained?

Be afraid of moles, and play some gaming apps.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Here We Go, an App of the Day Made of Felt

I don't think I've ever played an app made from felt. Have I? Hrm, nope! But that's exactly what Brownie: Spirt of the Woods is-an iOS game made from felt. More »

Nearly Thirty Years Old and Lode Runner is Still Kicking My Ass

I first played Douglas Smith's classic platformer, Lode Runner, on an Apple II computer in 1983. I wasn't very good, but then I was also only ten. Nearly three decades later Tozai Games has released Lode Runner Classic for Windows Phone 7, with versions coming soon for iOS and Android. The simply running and digging gameplay has aged incredibly well. Me? Not so much. More »

This Exuberant Dirt-Racing Game Helped Me Get Over My Childhood Fear Of Moles

Did I ever tell you about how terrified I was of moles when I was a kid? Oh man, I was. I really was. I think I saw a mole once above ground, and according to my parents I spent the day shouting "Mole! Mole!" and running and hiding. Burrowing little MF-er scared the pants off of me. More »

Hello Kitty Introduces Kids to the Hellish World of Food Service

Hey kids! If you play your cards rights you might one day be the owner of your own cafe, working tirelessly day in and day out to please demanding customers that can't even go to the bathroom on their own. Sound dreamy? Perhaps Hello Kitty Cafe can help change your mind. More »

Only A Truly Devious Villain Would Make You Solve Riddles To Destroy Him

I was the sort of child who always had a bunch of brain-teaser and riddle books lying around in her room, and I grew into the sort of adult who enjoys Professor Layton games. The Curse, for me, is a natural extension of that impulse to solve everything. More »