I don't think I've ever played an app made from felt. Have I? Hrm, nope! But that's exactly what Brownie: Spirt of the Woods is—an iOS game made from felt.

In this motion controlled game, you are a bear, a felt bear, riding a broomstick. A storm is coming, and you must fly into the trees and collect the animals. Once you do, you tap the screen to teleport them to the scared grove.

The whole thing doesn't make much sense! Why is the bear flying on a broomstick? Teleport? Wait, what? The game's makers, however, seem to be in on the game's playful, nonsensical nature. I think.

The gameplay is hard to control and kind of herky-jerky—and from what I can tell, short (though, correct me if I am wrong!). However, I really like that the game was made from felt—like, actual felt. I like the idea of a felt video game that was made by cutting with scissors. More felt, please. Scissors, too.

Brownie [$0.99, iTunes]