Relationships can be difficult and unstable; even virtual ones. The wizards at Tea Time have taken the dating world online, proving that just because a game doesn't have swords or guns doesn't mean there isn't conflict and war.

Tea Time, the makers of the virtual upskirt and other interactive NSFW technology, have a game that lets you steal other players' digital girlfriends. The game, Netowaku Netoraru Karemachi Kanojo (Rough translation: Network Cuckold, Boy-Anticipating Girlfriends), is an online virtual dating game for the PC. In the game, players design and create virtual girls who they can then pursue and eventually date in the standard dating sim formula. Also, by accessing the "girlfriend server" online, players can download other potential girlfriends that other players have uploaded to pursue and steal.

However, by downloading another virtual girl, the potential girlfriend originally created will automatically be uploaded and virtually thrown to the sharks. Even if a solid exclusive relationship has been established, that doesn't mean that other players won't try to seduce, steal, or just sleep with your virtual girlfriend.


Once again, the developers at Tea Time are either geniuses, or insane. Way too much thought has gone into the customization and complexity of the heroine characters in both visual and AI aspects.

The game is very much an adult game which allows for some fairly "interesting" relationships. Apparently, there is one virtual girlfriend on the servers who has (virtually) slept with dozens of players (she even has over 30 regular "sex buddies"), but will not accept anyone's propositions to be their girlfriend and remains with her original boyfriend/creator. In the game, players can even look at their virtual girlfriend's cell phone (something you really shouldn't do in real life unless you're willing to part ways with some of your teeth) to see if they've been unfaithful, a feature that has turned some players into snarling paranoid watchdogs.


The game can be played offline, but let's be honest, the real (virtual) fun of the game lies in the online features. Just be warned: All's fair in (virtual) love and war…

ネトワクネトラル カレマチカノジョ 特設ページ [Tea Time]

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