When you finish that pack of cigarettes, you're left with more than filters and smelly clothes. There are also empty cigarette boxes—oh, and the possibility you're getting an awful disease. But let's ignore the health risks for a minute! Let's just focus on those empty boxes, and the awesome fighter jets they can become.

Recently a thread popped up on 2ch, Japan's largest web forum. In it, folks began sharing photos of fighter jets they made from empty cigarette boxes. Some of the fighters look like Russian MiGs. Others look like the YF-19 Excalibur from the anime Macross. All of them look pretty cool!


For many of the planes, the design on the actual cigarette boxes is cleverly used. On one, for example, the Lucky Strike mark resembles the hinomaru (the circle of the sun) on the Japanese flag. Even the names of cigarettes, such as Hope, take on different meanings when on a little paper fighter jet; the use of Mild Seven's "D-Spec" brand of cigarettes seems more fitting for a high tech aircraft than a smoke.

There's also creative use of cigarettes themselves to replicate bombs. One individual even compared sticking a cigarette in the paper plane's butt to afterburner—a stretch, I know, but still.

Check out the planes in the above gallery. And yes, it's okay to listen to Kenny Loggins while you do. Keep your eye out for the cigarette box robots!

タバコの箱で戦闘機作るの楽しすぎ 「かっけええええええwwwww」 [ラビット速報]

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