Witch right now. Witch right now. I could use some spears or some monsters or a witch, or to get back to some gaming apps much simpler than this. Because after all the crashin' and matchin' and thrashin', the monster bombin' and the droppin' and hack-and-slashin'... Okay, that's enough of that. It's the Week in Gaming Apps!

Hey, at least it wasn't another damn "Call Me Maybe" parody, right? It's been a crazy week filled with strange and wonderful gaming apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7, so excuse me if I let off a little steam the only way my mother ever taught me — by writing to the beat of an overplayed song from 2010. What can I say, my mother was a visionary.

As were the developers of this week's Gaming App of the Day entries, five rich and varied titles, several of which play on the mechanics of other, more successful games. With the exception of Flight and Ravenmark, it's like Zynga theme week up in here. Too soon?

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Ravenmark is my New Favourite iPad Strategy Game

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, by Witching Hour Studios, is what happens when a small team sets out to bring the experience of, say, Fire Emblem to a platform that will never, ever get an actual Fire Emblem game. More »

The Most Magical Match Three Puzzler My Wife's Played in Ages

Most match three puzzle games forego a deep and involving story in favor of getting players right into the stuff-swapping thick of it. Owloh's WizSchool: Magic Book Puzzle layers on the lore and colorful characters to create the a truly engrossing puzzle adventure. More »

Everything You Know About Playing Tetris Won't Help With This Clever New Puzzle Game

"It's just like Tetris, right?" That's what I was asked when someone peeked at my iPad screen while I was playing Slydris, the new game from Luke Schneider's RadianGames imprint. The answer is no and yes. More »

A Monstrous Angry Birds Alternative for the Physics-Minded Gamer

When physics puzzler Monster Island first launched on Windows Phone 7, it featured an Xbox Live Achievement that required the player to purchase items from the in-game store in order to unlock it. This caused Microsoft to pull the game from the marketplace just two days after release. More »

Flight Takes You Around the World in 120 Days , With a Paper Airplane

Flight begins on a very sweet-hearted note-a little girl writes a letter to Santa Claus, saying she wants to see her mother for Christmas. She folds it into a paper airplane and flings her wish into the sky. It's your job to get that message all the way around the world. More »