From what I remember, the 1990s were a good time. We didn't really have the internet then, but we had good music, good movies, and good video games. This isn't about any of those—especially the good video games bit. It's about a Sega Saturn booklet that is so awful, it's awesome.

The game is Hop Step Idol, and it's an idol simulator for female gamers. As a producer at a talent agency, you rear your hunky idols. That's right, it was like a female version of Namco's Idolmaster idol simulator way before there was ever an Idolmaster.


Hop Step Idol was done up in that late 1990s style of Japanese anime—a style that I like and that, in game, looked a million times (well, not a million times) better than its charmingly awful instruction booklet.

1997年には既に「女性向けのアイマス」が出ていたことが判明! [はちま起稿]