2K Sports has told us to keep on the lookout for a huge announcement—biggest ever in the label's history—and so far we haven't heard anything. The reveal of details for the "Dynasty Edition" of NBA 2K13 was not it—that much was confirmed by a 2K Sports representative to me, earlier this week.

Whatever they have in mind, I don't know. Last year at this time, they were coming to us with news that Sidney Moncrief, Pete Maravich and Dell Curry would be in the game—names instantly recognizable to basketball cognoscenti. A year before that, we were told to expect a recreation of Michael Jordan's 10 greatest moments.


What could 2K do for an encore to that? I have no idea. That doesn't mean Shady00018's montage of awesome 1990s NBA-on-NBC performers—including Grant Hill, Charles Oakley, Vlade Divac and even a created Glenn Robinson and Charles Barkley, isn't worth a peep. Setting it all to Naughty by Nature was a nice touch, too.

The 90's Jam Session [Operation Sports]