A quartet of schoolchildren doing something unspeakable to Pikachu was the fertile field given to our 'Shoppers to plow. What's great is, this week's 20 finalists actually brought more clarity and sense to what might have been going on than the original did. Enlightenment, and overall winner GiantBoyDetective, are inside!

We had tons of movie-themed submissions. Decava (5) had probably the best of all with the kids going all Mola Ram on the helpless sacrifice. SciTeach (16) gives us Jurassic Park and a huge ole Triceratops turd. Jamir (9) went with Chet from Weird Science. If you're not sure what 127 Hours is (CVVF, 7), it's about Aron Ralston, the canyoneer who amputated his own arm after it was pinned for that length of time in an accident. Not a movie entry per se, but "The Mouth of Truth" did feature in Roman Holiday, and togovero gets on the board for weirdness here.


There was the usual round of Pedobear stuff, but Derpington (6) went the last mile and turned in a 'shop with obvious effort behind it. iconoclast24 (8) likewise skirts the boundaries of taste, but Hitlerchu is too hilarious for me not to get it in the top 20. Brandon0151 (20) also walks the line, but with a simple effect and visual punchline makes the joke tastefully enough.

Weird shit: I have no idea what's going on in prydemusic's (15) but it makes me giggle. Mel (11) likewise gets a smile every time. Poor Bald Bull. KaiserSpiegel (10) is riffing on an old meme, and it was a crowd pleaser. Cobaltios put Pikachu in TF2 and it works well enough for me.

Overall No. 1s: AnxiousLogic (1) gets in a great, very timely Kirby joke. musickid (12) likewise does right by The Cheat. VanguardRose (20) doesn't gum up his punchline with a lot of words. I laughed uproariously.


But there's no dispute who gets No. 1—GiantBoyDetective, the winner by acclamation very early in the submissions. I know we use Reggie a lot in the 'Shop Contest, but this was too perfect to pass up, and commenter reaction was almost unanimous in approval. Well done.

Bad news, folks. There'll be no 'Shop Contest tomorrow because I won't be here next weekend to administer it. We'll return with another when I get back from vacation in two weeks. Thanks to all who entered!














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