Now that E3 2012 is slowly fading to bitter, disappointing memory, it's time to return to those things that consistently bring us pleasure, day in and day out. And when we're finished drinking it's time for some gaming apps.

I wouldn't say we skipped a week as much as we missed a week filled with the most interesting and entertaining titles mobile gaming has to offer. I know I would have rather been playing My Little Hero or LifeQuest than watching Microsoft read information about SmartGlass off of a teleprompter (put away phone). And Gauge would have been a lovely app to have on hand as I waited in vain for Vita titles to make an appearance on the PlayStation stage.

I missed you, my little gaming app friends.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

The Side-Scrolling Shooter I Flipped on Its Side

With DariusBurst: Second Prologue, arcade shooter DariusBurst blasts up iOS with side-scrolling shooting and a hailstorm of pew-pews. More »

Gauge Your Endurance Under the Pressure of Dancey Music and Psychedelic Visuals

The music starts slow and rhythmic as you tap delicately on your iPad. Your eyes are glued to either end of the bar on screen, ensuring that your taps never linger long enough to push the bar's limit. You occasionally glance at an appearing second gauge whose new color grows as you maintain a balance on the first. More »

This Game Understands The Importance of Appearing Successful At Your High School Reunion

With a name like LifeQuest, you might expect some sort of sweeping life-simulation. Perhaps a miniature saga like the board game of Life, wherein you pick a career, overcome hardships, build a family and ease into retirement. More »

This Is About As Close To Zelda As Your Phone Can Get

Unless you've hacked your iPhone and turned it into a jailbroken, SNES-rockin pirating party, you probably can't use it to play Zelda. More »

Rebuild The Ruined World, One Zombie-Infected Tile at a Time

I've been playing a lot of Civ V on my PC lately. That's probably why it was the first, immediate point of comparison that leapt to mind when I started playing Rebuild. Only really, they're not very much alike. More »