Oh give us a break, it was the first time any of us got to cover the launch of a Diablo game. And hey, we did manage to spotlight five mobile games that have almost completely nothing in common with Blizzard's game.


I mean sure, Tower of Fortune is a dark role-playing game of sorts, and maybe the frantic pace of Ballistic SE is akin to the click-to-kill action of the dungeon crawler. Oh, and there is a Diablo Futbol Club, so there is a tenuous link to New Star Soccer.

But other than those three, our five gaming apps of the week had absolutely nothing in common with Diablo III. Except for N.O.V.A. 3, which is also the third game in a series.

Thanks, This Could Hurt!

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Tower of Fortune Puts a Fresh Spin on Retro Role-Playing

Chance has been a huge factor in role-playing games since the earliest days of pen-and-paper games. Normally represented as the roll of a die, Tower of Fortune swaps dice for slots. Is it a winning combination? More »

New Star Soccer Turns you Into a Mobile Superstar

New Star Soccer is a flash game that's been available on PC for years now. It's fun, and it's free. Well, it's also now out on Android, iPhone and iPad, and while it's no longer free, it's still great fun. More »

Ballistic SE Explodes an Orgy of Kaleidoscopic Chaos onto Your Eyeballs

Gorgeous explosions. Fast, frantic action. Clever, customizable design. These elements drive Ballistic SE into the category of games that reconfigures what you can expect out of a mobile gaming experience. More »

N.O.V.A. 3 Is The Most Ambitious Mobile First-Person Shooter I've Seen

First-person shooters suck on a mobile device, don't they? They're inaccurate, fidgety, uncomfortable...and just downright rage-worthy. Why would you even want to play Call of Duty on your iPhone anyway, right? More »

My Compliments to Those Who Made This Could Hurt So Good

I've become so jaded by mobile gaming's endless pleading for my attention that I recently removed every game from my iPhone except for three that I deeply admire. Today, I'm glad to add a fourth to that group: This Could Hurt by Orange Agenda. More »