Maybe I'm the only one keeping score every time this is noted, but Max Payne 3 is the latest game to say fuck no, we're not using Games For Windows Live. A tweet Wednesday from Rockstar, as noticed by PC Gamer, says it straight up.

Being not a PC gamer or a Windows user, I only know there are 226,000 results for searching the phrases (both with quotation marks around them) "games for windows live" and "piece of shit." While not a J.D. Power survey of customer satisfaction, it's one indicator that the five-year-old service is not and never has been well liked. I've never read anything complimentary about it.

"GFWL," which sounds like an Internet abbreviation for Go Fuck With Leather or something, "is unpopular, difficult to use, inconvenient, and can be very annoying for many users," says a petition now at 22,271 signatures, demanding that Dark Souls not use it when the game releases on PC. I want to know more—and that's a serious question.

Perhaps I should have posed this during Anger Management yesterday evening, but consider this your open thread to unload on Games For Windows Live. Why is it still around? Does anyone get anything out of it?