I'll take the blame for this. We have only 10 finalists this week because my 'Shop Contest idea was so narrowly drawn, and invited many entries that didn't take a lot of effort other than just slapping text on something. I think I may have outkicked my mental coverage in trying to design a contest where the design values behind Batman: Arkham City's Game of the Year edition took over the world. Still we have 10 worthy submissions, plus overall winner xX_cringer8_Xx inside.

Leading off, I know I said I would not accept video game covers, but Harrier (4) showed a very novel concept and actual Photoshop skills, and that easily gets him into our abbreviated roundup. Very nicely done, Harrier. toolsoldier (7) conceives of a butt augur that left me cringing. Is this really how ADAM is harvested? Yeesh.


Repeat winner AttorneyAtMusic (1) comes up with some ad placement that's decidedly out of place. Panacheful (5) and Trojan (8) both had variations on a theme. For overall winner, it came down to tunel's (9) magnificent hype-man effort for a condiment and xX_cringer8_Xx's (10) brilliantly tacky memorial. I'll take the last one to my grave, it was hands down the funniest. I only hope I am remembered so well.

Thanks again, folks, I'll come up with a better idea tomorrow.