With Tina and crew at PAX East all weekend long, it's my responsibility to gather together the best of everything Kotaku had to offer this week. That should explain why it's a day late.

It might also explain the rabbit picture atop this post. Before you all shout "furry!" and run for the hills, know that I got up at 5AM this morning, logged into Second Life, and purchased Linden dollars with real money just to bring you this special holiday message. That basket cost me three dollars!

I already had the rabbit thing.

Behold, our Best Of content this week, beginning with a little something we like to call The Greatest Comment Ever Posted (of the week). Okay, we don't like to call it that. I've changed my mind.

If you want to see the list of nominations (and other random conversations) you can head to Tina's recent nomination post that goes up every Friday here. Aren't you glad I remembered to change her name in this cut-and-paste paragraph? I am.

Want to suggest an article, comment, tweet, or any other content on Kotaku to be featured for a weekly Best Of nomination? Drop me a line at tina@kotaku.com with the subject line of "Best Of Nomination." Or any other subject line that will help me sort through and search for them. I'm not too picky.

The Best Comment From The Community

Kotakureader EcceHobo wins Comment of the Week for nailing down the root cause of every internet argument ever.

You are you. That's why the things you say seem important to you. It's why you assume you know what's what and why, but the solipsism and objectivity which flow naturally out of the experience of you being you are actually, it turns out, pretty fucking unfortunate now that there are 7 billion other people with whom you have to get along. Until you can learn to overcome your own mistaken faith in the truth of your opinions, you are basically an animal in front of a keyboard, making the digital equivalent of grunts and snorts, which happen to take the form of words like "man up" and "who cares" because you know some words and animals don't. I'm serious about that.

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The Best April Fools Pranks

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The Best New Siren Class

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The Best Damn Samara at PAX East

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The Best Agonizing Sports Defeat

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