It's the new thing. Apparently! Young Chinese are uploading pic after pic of themselves looking googly-eyed into the camera, sporting sharp threads, and even sharper chins. The "pointy-style" isn't just for girls as some guys are getting in on the act, too.

The look really started to take off last summer when a girl named Koko started uploading photos of herself online. Her features—with giant eyes and a small, pointed chin—looked more like something you'd find in a Japanese manga or anime. Many people in Asia find "small faces" and "big eyes" far more attractive than large, round faces. This is why animated and game characters throughout the continent often have these features.


Online, people in China said they were "terrified" and that Koko "looked like an alien". Some thought this was her natural appearance, while other said she had gotten plastic surgery procedures, such as having her jawbone filed, fillers, or a chin augmentation. Apparently, some women are even ending up with the exact same plastic surgery.

Did she or didn't she plastic surgery speculation aside, Koko's photos were obviously Photoshopped (and badly). She also posted several videos (view one in the above gallery), which shed light on how she pulled off her look.


In the videos, it looked like she put copious amounts of make-up on the bridge of her nose to make it appear slimmer and "taller". She also also seemed to be wearing large black contacts, making her eyes appear larger. She would also place the camera above herself, making her eyes appear bigger and her chin appear smaller. Finally, she would use her hair to cover part of her face, which is why it appeared smaller. (Also, if you are razor thin like she appears to be, then things like your bones—here, the jaw bone—will be more pronounced.)

Since then, Koko has apparently signed with a Singapore modeling agency. She's currently appearing on a website for a clothing shop—the photos appear to be heavily retouched.

Pics of other young Chinese with "perfect triangle faces" continue to appear online, much to the delight and bewilderment of Chinese netizens as obviously the vast majority of folks don't look like this. Reactions range from "This is great" to "I'm flabbergasted" to "It's a goblin, and the Earth is in danger."

Some of them might have naturally pointy chins (I know I do!), but some of them might have implants, fillers, or just crap Photoshop skills.

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