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You know in video games, how you see the same enemy characters over and over and over again. Real life isn't like that. Even if people are dressed in similar outfits, people look different. Except these three ladies.


Japanese blogs have dug up this photo from Chinese site TT.Mop, even going as far as saying these three girls all got identical plastic procedures with the same pointed chins.

While you do occasionally see girls who dress alike, two, let alone three, people getting the same plastic surgery is all kinds of commitment.


The photo is titled "The Scariest thing isn't finding out you are wearing the same outfit at the same venue, but finding out you have the same face". Oh.

Thing is, the photo did not originate from TTmop, and, like so many online pics of young people in China, it could have been altered with software, not surgery. Or maybe they're all related—you know, sisters!

最怕的不是"撞衫"。。。。是"撞脸"。。。 [TTmop via RocketNews]

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