Usually when cosplayers pop up at events, they're just there to pose for photos. But at Romket, they're they to sell their cosplay discs and pose for pictures.

Visitors must pay a ¥2,500 for the standard entrance fee. Coplayers offer their ROM discs for purchase—much like they do at Comic Market if you've attended that. Some of the content is very much aimed at adults—you've been warned!


In the gallery above, there are photos from the most recent Romket as well as from past ones.

The next Romket is in Yokohama this summer. Check it out if you are in the area. More photos in the links below.

-コスプレ彼女 その3-, -コスプレ彼女-, -コスプレ彼女 その2-, -コスプレ彼女 その1-, -コスプレ彼女さん その1- -コスプレ彼女さん その2-, -コスプレ彼女さん その3-, コスプレ彼女さん その4-, -イベントの様子- [アサガヲBlog]