Reviews of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City were not kind. It opened to terrible reviews, especially for a title releasing under that name and publisher. "Not worth playing," and "a mediocre slog with annoying difficulty spikes," is the appraisal of Kotaku's Evan Narcisse, in his review.

Eurogamer contacted developer Slant Six for a reaction to the criticism, and got a passive-aggressive buck-passing to Capcom:

"We read every review and we try to pull out all the constructive feedback that we can so we can learn a little about what people liked and what they didn't," Slan Six's Mike Kerr told Eurogamer. "Then we look to what our internal goals were and what Capcom asked us to do and I think we accomplished what they wanted to do - we took the Resident Evil franchise in a different direction."

"A different direction." I'm sure Capcom and Resident Evil detractors both can agree that's where Raccoon City ended up.

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