Welcome to another week of The Best of Kotaku. For this week's best image found on the Internets, we have this Pokémon artwork done by Reddit user Jord-UK.

It's my personal hope that I am continuously making you all change your desktop background, so here you go. Or save it for a rainy, "I can't believe I got sick of Calvin and Hobbes standing under the stars" day.


Before we dive into the best articles, opinions, and news from the Kotaku staff, let's see what the Kotaku community has been up to.

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The Best Comment From The Community

Jackslaps has a little bit of fun with Photoshop and the face of the millionaire who needs more millions.

I first call upon thee to honor my will
But you do not answer
Thou fear my truth
Thou fear thine true salvation
It is your time my children
I hath come to reap the sinners
Mock me if ye will
Let thine visions be blurred
Turn around
But this comes at a price
Would you sacrifice thine soul?
The essence of thine being?
Look into my eyes young ones
What you see is not thy end
It is thy future

The Best Kotaku Wallpaper

Artist Michael Myers put together an awesome Kotaku-branded wallpaper for you. More »

The Best Blizzard Timeline

Mike Fahey gives us a visual look at Blizzard's release schedule. More »

The Best (Saddest) Inspiration For A Game

Stephen Totilo tells us the story of a woman's sad death that turned into an idea for a game. More »

The Best Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

Stephen Totilo learns something new about Tic-Tac-Toe from some game developers. More »

The Best Troll Warfare Techniques

Totilo shares video game designer Mike Drach's techniques of dealing with Internet trolls. More »

The Best Game Inspired By A Nonexistent Game

Kirk Hamilton introduces us to the game that was inspired by a non-existent, Myst-like game. More »

The Best (Worst) Result of Review Scores

Jason Schreier criticizes publishers who give out bonuses based on Metacritic scores, like Bethesda may have for the developers of Fallout: New Vegas. More »

The Best Kickstarter That Revived A Hopeless Franchise

Jason tells us about Brian Fargo's successful Kickstarter campaign to bring Wasteland 2. More »

The Best Story of a Hacker Getting Busted

Brian Ashcraft reports on George Hotz's arrest for drug possession. More »

The Best (Most Touching) Community Effort

Kate Cox tells us the touching story of a last wish of a dying boy, and how the community of Everquest II granted it. More »

The Best (Worst) Cancelled Project

Jason uncovers the game that was canceled after unfortunate layoffs at Obsidian. More »

The Best Biff Tannen Predictions of March Madness

Owen Good puts together predictions of March Madness winners. More »

Millionaire Wants Your Million Dollars To Make His First Game

Jason talks to the millionaire that needs more millions to make a video game. More »

The Best Argument Predicting the Death of Game Consoles

Totilo gives Ben Cousins' opinion on the imminent death of consoles a chance. More »

The Best (Most Disappointing) Mass Effect 3 Ending

Luke Plunkett makes a case for why Mass Effect 3's ending was so damn terrible. More »

The Best Mass Effect 3 Ending

Our resident Mass Effect expert, Kate Cox, makes a case for why she enjoyed the threequel's ending. More »

The Best (Weirdest) Fan-Fiction Crossover

Mike Fahey finds this very peculiar fan-fiction crossover featuring Commander Shepard and Sephiroth. More »

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