Can You Name All 26? | Here are 26 games represented in minimalist design, in alphabetical order. Can you identify all 26 right off the bat? (Video Games ABC, by YouTube's thijlkema)

Is This a Photo of Valve's Rumored Console, Or At Least a Prototype?

Less than 24 hours since the website The Verge reported that Valve is working on a video game console, we've got what could be a photo of a prototype unit. More »

Rumor: Maybe Valve Really Is Making A Console

The Verge reports that the chatter about Valve Software getting into the hardware business isn't a tease. They say we're going to be finding out about it soon, maybe next week at the Game Developers Conference, or maybe in June at E3. This one's wild.More »

Is This Valve's Control Pad Design?

It's beginning to seem entirely possible that PC gaming powerhouse Valve is working on its own "console" (or at least custom PC). Especially when you consider that it's been working on control pad designs for nearly three years.More »

Whatever a "Steam Box" Means to Video Games, Only Valve Knows for Sure

If it is real, the Steam Box could become a disruptive force that moves console video gaming sooner, not later, into digital distribution—the market Valve dominates. More »

Like It or Not, the Wheaties-Box Era of Video Game Covers Is Over

When you've got a kicker and a punter in this contest—from the same team, so one is assured of winning at least one round—it dawns on me that the Wheaties-box era of video game covers, initiated by Madden NFL, may be behind us. More »

Samurai Yetis and Ninja Werewolves: How One Teacher Turned Sixth Grade Into an MMO

Last fall I made the transition from student to teacher. I was dead set on bridging the gap between my life as a gamer and my life as a teacher. ClassRealm is what I developed. More »

Sounds Like Those Vita-Only Street Fighter X Tekken Characters are On-Disc DLC for the Console Versions

YouTube user SoulReaperTTG has managed to get a hold of all the introductions for the 12 PS Vita-only characters in Street Fighter X Tekken which releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 on Tuesday. That above is Blanka and Sakura's. The rest are available through the link below.More »

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