While Cyanide Studio's Game of Thrones role-playing game will take players to plenty of familiar locales, it also features original settings created to fit in with existing A Song Of Ice And Fire lore. Welcome to Castlewood.

You might not find it in the books or television series, but Castlewood plays a key role in the upcoming video game, due out in May for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. In a world filled with treachery it's always nice to find a place where everybody knows your name and doesn't want to kill you for it.


From the official release: "Fifteen years ago, the Lord of Castlewood chose to support the House Targaryen during the victorious rebellion of Robert Baratheon, and was sentenced to die for this treason. His brother Arwood Harlton, loyal to King Robert, finally inherited Castlewood. Arwood is also known to be a great friend of House Sarwyck, and as the heir of Sarwyck family, you, Alester, will use Castlewood as a safe place to retreat if your quest turns too dangerous…"

Sounds like a quest hub to me! Might as well soak up these screens; sounds like we'll be seeing a lot of Castlewood come May.