Ask cosplayer Motiusagi about her favorite games, and she'll rattle off titles like Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, or her favorite, Final Fantasy XII.

Then there's Persona, Catherine—the list is seemingly endless.

"I've been playing games since I was four," Motiusagi, a former bikini pin-up, recently told Kotaku. "My dad was a huge gamer, and I played whatever he was into."

While many cosplayers, especially Japanese cosplayers, seem to be hardcore about a few titles—or even a specific genre—Motiusagi is into everything, from JRPGs to big budget Western games. She even plays erotic PC games.

"I've always liked the outfits game characters wear," said Motiusagi, who's been cosplaying for the past three years. "It's that love of the characters that's made me want to cosplay."

Her cosplay can get on the revealing side, with skimpy outfits, but she's quick to point out that cute characters merit cute cosplay, while sexier characters demand, well, sexy ones.


For Motiusagi, cosplay isn't only a part of otaku culture; "cosplay is a wonderful culture."

Check out Motiusagi's cosplay pics in the above gallery or follow her on Twitter.

愛のゲームマスターへの道~究極のχを目指して~ [もちうさぎ]