Gas It | LOS ANGELES: Back in 2008, Nintendo promoted Wario at gas stations. (Photo: Bob Riha, Jr. | AP)

The New Brain Age Features a Satanic Doctor

If you thought Brain Age was easy, get ready for Nintendo's new spin on the series: Oni Tore (鬼トレ) or "Demon Training".
The game aims to increase player's concentration and working memory, and it features a ogre Dr. More »

New Borderlands 2 Trailer Promises Lots, Game Hits This September

Would you like to play Borderlands 2? You can do it on September 18 this year, on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. (September 21 for international audiences, Gearbox tells us, meaning those of you not in North America.)
You can even play it in splitscreen. More »

Real Life Bowser Jr. Trolls South Korea

The foreign policy of the Koopa Kingdom toward its neighbor has always been unpredictable in timing and method. Although the Koopa Kingdom and the Mushroom Kingdom have engaged and cooperated with each other in friendly international competitions, critics have pointed out that relations between... More »

Nerd Paradise Is Turning to Nerd Hell. Beware Evil Maids!

In Japanese geek meccas like Tokyo's Akihabara and Osaka's Nipponbashi, otaku (nerds) flock to maid cafes. The establishments are staffed with young women, eager to talk, serve rice omelets, and play paper-rock-scissors with customers. More »

The BioShock, Dead Space & InFamous Art of Opus Artz

Opus Artz is a concept studio in London which specialises in production art for the video game industry. Among its artists are guys like Bjorn Hurri and Theo Stylianides, so yeah, we're about to see some good stuff.
The studio has worked with clients such as EA, 2K, Paradox and Square Enix, on... More »

Get Ready for the "Next" Metal Gear Solid

Now that Bayonetta developers Platinum Games are working on Metal Gear Rising, Kojima Productions is free to work on something else. Like...another Metal Gear Solid game.
The studio has begun a recruitment drive for "the latest Metal Gear Solid" which will be appearing on "high-end consoles and PC". More »

Video Games Are Easier Than Ever, Yet Harder To Manage

If you've played games for more than a decade, you've undoubtedly witnessed the ongoing evolution of the medium. Some see technology as the primary driver, and there's no question games look and sound better than ever. More »

Notre Dame Basketball Player Quits Skyrim, Becomes a Star

Surging college basketball player Jack Cooley doesn't attribute his recent success to some sort of miracle or an act of God. Nor does he blame nonsense like "hard work" or "dedication."
Nope - More »

The Call of Duty Game That Never Was

I love behind-the-scenes insights into the making of my favorite games. Although I usually watch or read them after I'm finished with a title, instead of before one is released, I enjoy reading and watching the stories of the production itself.
Any successful game, large or small, takes a... More »

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