Nice Sweater | CHIBA, JAPAN: Japanese celebrity Tanoshingo showed off Sega's new arcade game MaiMai in style. (Photo: GameImpressWatch)

Mass Effect 3's Spectacular "Take Back the Earth" Trailer Gives Us All a Reason to Fight

If last week's teaser trailer for Mass Effect 3 got your juices flowing, you might want to grab a towel before watching the full 90 second version that aired during tonight's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead.

In case you were curious about the fate of the young girl in last week's teaser, it... More »

China is Linsane. It's Trying To Claim Jeremy Lin.

If you're a basketball fan, or a New Yorker, you've definitely heard about Linsanity. It's the underdog story of a Chinese American Harvard graduate being undrafted and cut from NBA teams before exploding, in well "Linsanity". More »

War of the Farts

Today, we are lucky. For entertainment, we have television, video games, and the internet. Back in olden times, people had to be more creative with their diversions-make that, very creative. More »

Pikachu, Wario, Snake and Mega Man Find Comfort With Kindred Spirits

Fresh off his explorations of droids with feelings and adorable video game weapons, artist Chris Gerringer is back with some heart-felt fist-bumps from some emotional little characters realising that, hey, they're not alone in the world/universe after all.
I know that feel, bro... More »

The People Who Make Your Game Consoles, Still Make Next to Nothing

Taiwanese company Foxconn, the maker of most of the worlds electronics and our favorite gaming consoles, announced that it had raised the wages of junior level factory workers in Shenzhen from 1,800RMB (US$290) to 2,200RMB ($349) a month.
The move to raise wages comes at no surprise as Foxconn and... More »

Old Nintendo Game Contains Heart-Warming, Hand-Written Note

The story on a Reddit post from over the weekend goes like this. "My girlfriend bought an old copy of Animal Crossing. The surprise we found inside just made our day."
It's made our day too.
Located inside the box, and written in a style that to someone who once worked in childcare for six years... More »

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