For Reals | COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: Minecraft creator Notch witness his work made real through the magic of Lego. (Photo: Imagur)

Gameplay and Story Are Exactly Like Music and Lyrics

Look, okay. Let's press "pause" on the debate. You know the debate I'm talking about, right? That endless disagreement in the video game world about gameplay versus story.
"The two things are incompatible," say some people. More »

UFC Undisputed 3: The Kotaku Review

UFC Undisputed tried to come back too soon. Following a breakout season in 2009, it returned with a good-but-not-great sequel in 2010. Publisher THQ recognized the franchise didn't deliver enough and shifted it to two-year production cycle. More »

From Far Cry 3 to It's a Wonderful Life, Dubstep Makes Everything Better

Far Cry fans the world over have gotten a fresh taste of Ubisoft's coming open-world shooter via a trailer that was released yesterday.
It looks… well, as a known Far Cry 2 obsessive, I'm not quite ready to say how it looks. More »

Minecraft Micro World Debuts At LEGO World Copenhagen, Shipping Summer 2012

What game would be better suited for a LEGO collaboration than Minecraft? Announced at LEGO World Copenhagen, Minecraft Micro World is now available for pre-order for $34.99. More »

Twisted Metal: The Kotaku Review

As I played through the first single-player mission of the new Twisted Metal I felt oddly disconnected from the previous games in the franchise. Perhaps my appreciation for the car combat genre had waned over the decade separating the latest title from PlayStation 2 classic Twisted Metal Black. More »

Gods, Spies Take Center Stage In Civilization V Expansion

Ed Beach talks rapid-fire when he's dishing details on Gods & Kings, the Civilization V expansion pack that Firaxis announced this morning. I can't blame him. More »

Max Payne 3's Road to Revenge Starts With A Kidnapped Trophy Wife and Lots of Booze

Is it just me or does Max Payne seem really in over his head every time Rockstar shows off a piece of their upcoming noir threequel?
This time, it looks like a fuck-up on Max's part lets a Brazilian magnate's hot young wife get nabbed by some criminal faction. More »

Prototype 2 Makes You a Meaner, Blacker and More Powerful Weapon of Destruction

The first Prototype made me feel ugly. Radical's open-world action game tore through the city I love and live in, having me eat people-some of them innocent civilians-and destroy city blocks in the name of its plot. More »

Zelda Just Keeps Getting Worse. But It Isn't Beyond Saving

Late in the original Zelda's second quest, I got stuck. I couldn't find the relocated and very well-hidden eighth dungeon. Then one night I had a dream in which I took a map of Hyrule and drew large circles around the other seven dungeons. More »

Sazh, Card Games, and Bikinis All To Be Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

Square Enix is continuing to keep the ball rolling on Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC. Their previous entry brought Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar to the game; More »

Here's Why Master Chief's Going to Look Different in Halo 4

343 Industries, you so sneaky. We've already noticed that the Microsoft division tasked with the future of all things Halo debuted the new look of the sci-fi shooter series' hero at Toy Fair 2012. More »

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