Crafty | TAIPEI, TAIWAN: A Creeper cosplay stood tall at a recent cosplay event in Taiwan. (Photo: Game Impress Watch)

New Civilization V Expansion Brings Religion, Espionage Back to Series

Developer Firaxis will release an expansion pack for Civilization V this spring, it said today.
Civilization V: Gods & Kings will mark the return of religion and espionage, two Civilization IV features that were absent in the fifth installment of the popular turn-based strategy series. More »

The Next Xbox is Code-Named...Durango

Kotaku has heard from multiple sources close to the project that the code-name for Microsoft's next console is Durango.
Yup. Durango.
Note this is a code-name. More »

Nintendo Flirted With 3D, HD Displays for Wii U Controller

This holiday, the Wii U, Nintendo's upcoming game consoles goes on sale. The Kyoto-based game maker revealed the machine last summer and continues to provide new details about the consoles; More »

A Salute to Dani Bunten, a Transgender Video Gaming Pioneer

There are plenty of legends in the world of video games whose names will fly off the tongues of casual fans. Nolan Bushnell. Trip Hawkins. Shigeru Miyamoto. More »

Brainiac Falls and a Shocking New Threat Rises in DC Universe Online's Battle for Earth

Heroes and villains alike have been dealing with the vile machinations of that vile machine Brainiac since the launch of DC Universe Online. With the game's third major downloadable content pack his chapter finally ends and a new evil rises. More »

Playing Around With Batman: Arkham Asylum's Wonderful Toys

There were normal action figures based on Batman: Arkham Asylum. They came out a while ago, and they were fine. These premium figures, though, are brand new. More »

Nine Ways Japanese Women Know You Are a "Creepy" Otaku

Some of you are nerds. That's fine. Some of you are not. Likewise-fine. But for the geeky male readers out there, not all members of the opposite sex are going to be down with your peculiarities.
According to Japanese site Sugoren, here are nine ways that Japanese women can instantly spot... More »

First Look at Buying Nintendo 3DS Downloadable Content

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is apparently flying off store shelves in Japan. Gamers can beef up their Final Fantasy music game experience with some pricey DLC. More »

Resident Evil 6 Promises Real Horror and T-Virus Free Zombies

In a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu, Resident Evil 6 executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, director Eiichirou Sasaki, and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi had quite a few interesting things to say about the upcoming title.
For the overall concept of the game, the creators expressed a a greater... More »

Rhythm Heaven Fever: The Kotaku Review

The door closes behind you with an ominous click. It's bright in here-too bright. Before you can get your wits about you, your host begins to speak. More »

Rick Santorum Has Scored More Than A Million Points On Temple Run, According to His Kids

Red-hot Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum used to play Angry Birds, since that's what they put on his iPad for him. Then they put Temple Run on there for him. More »

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