Perpetual Romance | Hopefully on Valentine's Day, Princess Peach will actually be in her castle. (Part of a collection of cute digital Valentines on Etsy.)

Gotham City Impostors: The Kotaku Review

Batman's had lots of sidekicks over the years. Imps from other dimensions, mask-wearing dogs and his own kill-crazy offspring have leapt from the shadows with the DC Comics superhero. More »

Don't Blame Your Crappy Marriage On Video Games

With every new day comes a new excuse for nasty people to crucify video games. This time it's a study by researchers at Brigham Young University, as reported by U.S. More »

Twisted Metal Sets Game Critics' Skulls Aflame

After a decade of lurking in the darkness just outside of gamers' views the evil clown rides back into town, guns blazing, engines roaring, and game reviewers rarin' for a shot. More »

The PlayStation Vita Needs a 'Dislike' Button

Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld sports a good amount of ways to connect with people. It will let you share your trophies, passively trade and unlock game content, and even broadcast how you're feeling about the games you're playing. More »

The Past and Future of Psychonauts 2

Until about, oh, early last week, Psychonauts 2 seemed like an idea-or maybe a wish-that would never become a video game.
But then the man who made millions making Minecraft, Markus "Notch" Persson, offered, over Twitter, to "make Psychonauts 2 happen."
Tim Schafer, whose Double Fine... More »

Survey: There's a 1 in 10 Chance Words With Friends Will Get You Some Action

We all know that the "social" space has changed the dating scene. Facebook has thrown all sorts of new tools and little wrinkles our way.
Now that the virtual hangouts have caught up with crowded bars as a place to meet a mate, social games are finding a new way to shine. More »

Reminder to Arkham City Players: Talk to Calendar Man Today

Today is Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas New Year's Day Valentine's Day. So if you're playing Batman: Arkham City and you don't believe in cheating by changing your system's internal clock, go talk to the Calendar Man today. More »

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