The PS Vita is a Social Beast That Will Entangle Us All in Its Loving Tentacles

What the latest Inside PS Vita is trying to say is that by purchasing a Vita you're becoming a member of a global gaming community connected by glowing threads of gaming-infused light, wrapping about you like a brilliant cocoon in which you'll never feel lonely ever again. I might be reading a bit much into it.


It's not just a gaming device; it's a social device. Perhaps that's a better summary of this lovely little piece of video in which people with lovely accents explain how the Vita will merge all of its users into a giant robot, much like Voltron, only the cool car version with all the extraneous bits and not just five lions, because then you might as well just be a broken Transformer.

You know what? Perhaps you'd better interpret this yourself. I need breakfast.

Inside PS Vita: Social Connectivity [PlayStation Blog Europe]

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All these great features, but will it have a long enough battery life for it to be worth it? This applies to the 3DS as well. I'd love to use StreetPass more, but having wireless connections on really drains the battery. That and I'd be lucky if I actually went anywhere near someone with StreetPass on.

The 3G sounds great, but apart from the battery issues (3G can be quite power hungry, even if it is only enabled on demand) I do wonder about data plans. At least in Europe it will be unlocked, but even having another data plan just for the Vita would be annoying. I'd rather use my smartphone's SIM, but not have to swap it. No operators in the UK offer dual SIMs anymore though.