The PS Vita is a Social Beast That Will Entangle Us All in Its Loving Tentacles

What the latest Inside PS Vita is trying to say is that by purchasing a Vita you're becoming a member of a global gaming community connected by glowing threads of gaming-infused light, wrapping about you like a brilliant cocoon in which you'll never feel lonely ever again. I might be reading a bit much into it.

It's not just a gaming device; it's a social device. Perhaps that's a better summary of this lovely little piece of video in which people with lovely accents explain how the Vita will merge all of its users into a giant robot, much like Voltron, only the cool car version with all the extraneous bits and not just five lions, because then you might as well just be a broken Transformer.


You know what? Perhaps you'd better interpret this yourself. I need breakfast.

Inside PS Vita: Social Connectivity [PlayStation Blog Europe]

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