Take One | Spotted by thejesus. (Photo: peekeep)

North Korea's New Dictator...Looking at Things

In the video game Homefront, shortly after Kim Jung-il dies, his son Kim Jong-un gives a fiery speech and mobilizes the military. In real life, the manga-reading, video game-playing successor appears less fiery-though he does resemble a Dragonball villain. More »

A Few (Scant) New Resident Evil 6 Details Creep Out

Last night, Capcom revealed the expected: Resident Evil 6. Today in Tokyo, Capcom followed up the debut trailer with an event to showcase Resident Evil. More »

Is This The Best Shoplifting Jacket Ever Designed?

Shoplifting is a crime. Just ask Winona Ryder. Yet, people still do it. They shouldn't, but they do.
The above jacket, while not designed for shoplifting, is destined to become primo shoplifting gear. More »

How To Stop Yet Another Resident Evil Flick from "Definitely" Happening

The Resident Evil movies make money. That's why Hollywood keeps on making them. That's why there's the upcoming (and Sony hardware-filled) Resident Evil: More »

Project Zomboid's Concept Art Also Blows Up Aircraft Carriers

French artist Remi, aka Afekay, has landed a rather pleasant little gig doing the concept art for work-in-progress zombie survival sim Project Zomboid.
Coming out of mobile games, which is where the decidedly non-Zombie stuff you'll see here comes from (specifically Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 3 and... More »

A Collection of Broken, Wounded Pokémon

Pokémon don't faint. That's Nintendo blowing sunshine up your ass. They battle other creatures with elements, teeth and claws, and when one of them loses, they are beat up.
A truth artist Justin White is choosing not to ignore with this series of images showing what a Pokémon actually looks like... More »

A Dreamcast 2 Could Have Looked Like This

When Sega pulled out of the hardware race over a decade ago, it meant the poor little Dreamcast never got the successor it deserved. Well, aside from the Xbox.
That hasn't stopped French industrial design student Elie Ahovi from conceptualising what a Dreamcast 2 could have looked like.
Being an... More »

Skyrim's Creation Kit is "Nearly Ready"

I'm done with Skyrim. I've seen enough and done enough of what came with it to satisfy me, so I've put it down. I haven't put it away, though, because I know the game's creation kit is coming soon. More »

The Long-Forgotten Threat That 'Always' Made Madden Nervous

So much is made of NFL 2K5 and the blaze-of-glory conclusion to its rivalry with Madden NFL that it's easy to forget another title once threatened EA Sports' glamour franchise. More »

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