Joystick | TOKYO, JAPAN: A joystick for Namco's upcoming fighter. (Photo: GameWatchImpress)

The Nintendo PlayStation You Never Got To Play

The first PlayStation 1 controllers looked silly. No wonder the world never got to use them.
The world also never got to use this first PlayStation from 1991. More »

THQ Says it has "Not Cancelled" its 2014 Lineup

Over the weekend, a giant rumour popped up claiming that major publisher THQ was effectively done for. Specifically, it suggested the company's entire 2014 lineup had been shelved, and that its major MMO project based on the Warhammer 40K franchise had been binned.
Today, THQ refutes those rumours. More »

American Box Art Makes Kid Icarus Look Angrier Than He Should know...sigh. Whatever. Stuff like this won't stop anyone from buying Kid Icarus on 3DS. But stuff like this does make me wonder who the hell is getting paid to make pointless decisions like this.
On the left, the Japanese box art for the upcoming Kid Icarus: More »

The Vote on the Bill to Kill the Internet has Been Delayed

According to a report on The Hill, over the weekend it was arranged that a planned vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act would not go ahead "unless there is consensus on the bill".
The concession was apparently granted when the bill's sponsor, Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, agreed to " drop a... More »

The Very Best In Cosplay: Meagan Marie

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be forgoing the regular "best of the last seven days" thing for Fancy Pants and instead focus on the work of the best in the business.
And there could be no better way to start than with cosplay superstar Meagan Marie.
Formerly of Game Informer, Marie is now... More »

Mass Effect Has Never Looked this Classy

Don't get me wrong. Mass Effect has its share of class. But, like most things, it could be classier. Enter artist Sean Donaldson.
The painter did the game's character in oils. More »

Snakes on a Plane? No, Japanese Maids on a Train!

In Japan, there are all types of otaku ("geeks"). There are anime otaku, video game otaku, and even train otaku. Otaku from all walks of life seem to like the same thing: More »

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