Details about Ninja Gaiden 3's Collector's Edition came through a whole back but Tecmo's finally seen fit to show everyone what it looks like. As mentioned before, you'll get a two-figure Duel of the Masked set and a downloadable demo from Dead or Alive 5, the upcoming entry in Tecmo's fighting game series. There's a soundtrack CD and art book in there, too.

The characters you get in the DoA5 demo vary depending on where you pre-order from. Reserving the regular edition at GameStop will make NG3 lead Ryu and Hitomi in the downloadable Dead or Alive 5 demo stage, as opposed to the Ayane and Hayate pairing for Amazon pre-order customers. Getting the Collector's Edition gives all four characters to play with in the DoA5 demo. Ninja Gaiden 3 comes out in March.