The unkillable Bryce Boltzmann comes to life on January 31 in Konami's Neverdead. Should you care? Megadeth hopes so. Owen Good didn't seem to think so. Perhaps a new batch of screens will help?

As novel the concept of being able to reconstitute yourself after being blown apart is, I've never really gotten excited about Neverdead, one of the few bigger titles hitting consoles in the first month of 2012. I think I've narrowed my general disinterest down to simple word association. Every time I see the word "unkillable", I immediately think "unlikeable". That, couple with the fact that Bryce doesn't seem like the sort of guy I'd relate to whatsoever, has left a bland taste in my mouth.


Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised? Is anyone out there looking forward to the limbtastic adventures of B.B. the Demon Hunter?