Not Lancia | TOKYO, JAPAN: Square Enix shows off its new arcade game Gunslinger Stratos. (Photo: GameWatchImpress)

Who Is to Blame for Slave Labor-Made Game Consoles: Gamers or Game Companies?

Last month, when I got my hands on the PS Vita, the first thing I did was open the box. The second? Flipped over the device to see where it was made.
It wasn't always that way. More »

Guns Blazing, Square Enix is Ready To Shoot Up Japanese Arcades

This summer, Square Enix is releasing a new third-person shooter dubbed Gunslinger Stratos. It's not a home console game-yet. Rather, it's a four-on-four team-based online arcade game that allows players to battle others in game centers across Japan. More »

This Game Art Wages Total War On Robots, Dragons and Fast Cars

Swedish artist Andrée Wallin has quite the resume. Since getting into the business in 2008, he's provided concept art for games like Oblivion, Dirt 3, DJ Hero, Napoleon: More »

Don't Store Owners Know Anakin Skywalker Killed Children?

Game developer Ross Mills noticed something he found, tongue planted firmly in cheek, appalling: a British retailer specializing in educational toys had the gall to sell Anakin Skywalker stuff.
Mills did what any responsible Padawan would: More »

A Mass Effect Commander Shepherd Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

Male Commander Shepherd. Female Commander Shepherd. Good Shepherd. Dickwad Shepherd. The main character of BioWare's space opus Mass Effect can be played a bunch of different ways. More »

No, There Won't be a PlayStation 4 at E3

Last week, trade site MCV reported that the PlayStation 4 would make an appearance at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. Sony begs to differ.
Both Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Corp. More »

Let's Watch the Kick-Ass Dragon Quest Anime!

A few video games have had the honour of being turned into animated series. Zelda and Mario are two of the most prominent, if terrible examples, while Wing Commander is a rarity that got it right.
Another that got it right, and in a big, big way, were the anime series based on blockbuster... More »

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D Out Next Month (or March!)

Konami's latest in a never-ending line of Metal Gear Solid remakes, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, will be out on the Nintendo 3DS in the US on February 21.
Those living in Europe or Australia, there's a slight delay, and you'll be getting the game on March 8.
I played the game at the Tokyo Game... More »

Next Skyrim Patch Might Fix PS3 "Lag" Issue

If you bought Skyrim on PS3, you've likely experienced one of the most frustrating technical hiccups of 2011: a gradually increasing "lag" which slows your game the longer you play it.
It's been weeks since the game was first released and developers Bethesda have said little on the critical issue,... More »

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