Next Skyrim Patch Might Fix PS3 "Lag" Issue

Illustration for article titled Next emSkyrim/em Patch Might Fix PS3 Lag Issue

If you bought Skyrim on PS3, you've likely experienced one of the most frustrating technical hiccups of 2011: a gradually increasing "lag" which slows your game the longer you play it.

It's been weeks since the game was first released and developers Bethesda have said little on the critical issue, but a fix might finally be at hand. The company's Twitter account has said that the PS3 lag is something the company is "addressing" in the upcoming 1.4 patch for the game.


Whether this actually fixes the problem or just alleviates it remains to be seen. But there's no harm in hoping!

Bethesda [Twitter]

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Its been two months and we still only get a might? Im glad I skipped this bug-fest. And no my PC cant run this big game and I dont own a 360.