Lego My Mario | A childhood friend of mine fooled around with his wife's LEGOs and came up with this, working without any notes. (Full size here) Image and LEGO Mario by Richard Tysinger.

Watch a WWE Legend Burn Down a Village in Skyrim

I believe the famous professional wrestler, given name Randall Mario Poffo, once said "The same fire the dragon breathes, he shall burn by." True words, brother. But we're going to see a lot of the former, not so much the latter, in this video of the opening sequence in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where a modder replaces the dragon with Randy "Macho Man" Savage. More »

EA Invokes First Amendment Protection for Video Games in Trademark Dispute with Helicopter Maker

Electronic Arts is asking a federal judge to rule that it has a First Amendment right to depict real-life military helicopters in video games such as Battlefield 3 without the permission of the aircraft's maker. More »

Maybe It Isn't a Sport, But Is Pinball a Sports Video Game?

I've tried to be open-minded about what constitutes a sports video game, largely because the genre has so few new titles or competing products in a given year. Pinball FX 2, one of my favorite games of 2011, has struck me as a quasi-sports video game for a while, I just couldn't really articulate why. After talking with the game's creative director, Neil Sorens of Zen Studios, I think I've got a handle on it. More »

Is Diablo III Coming Out February 1? Best Buy Seems Pretty Sure

According to an elaborate display that popped up at a Best Buy in Rochester, Minnesota, Blizzard's eagerly-anticipated third entry in the Diablo series is hitting stores in a little over three weeks. Yikes. More »

Price of PSN Game Is Put Up to a Poll, but There's a Catch

The creepy survival-horror game Amy, about a psychic girl caught up in a zombie-like pandemic, is due for release on Wednesday on Xbox Live, where it will cost 800 Microsoft Points. Alright. It's due out on Tuesday on PlayStation Network, for a price of $12.99. That means the game is effectively $3 more on the PS3. More »

Call of Duty Dominates Xbox Live's Top 10 Most Played in 2011

The three most recent editions of Call of Duty went one-two-three in the top 20 of Xbox Live's most-played titles, as measured by unique users connected to the service, reports Major Nelson. The only thing in the top 10 that wasn't a shooter or sports title was Skyrim, at No. 6. More »

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