Eight months after confusing teammates and adversaries in Black Ops, the guy running a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard took Jules Winnfield/Mace Windu/Eddie Murphy's uncle into some Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, with much better dialogue selections and more hilarious, and oblivious, reactions.

I realize voice communication over Xbox Live is not always crystal clear, but you've got to be dumb as a stump to hear "What this situation requires is a whole lot more of you shuttin' the fuck up," and not get that this is a guy with a soundboard, even if you don't recognize the quote. I would not be surprised to discover that Normal Difficulty, the video maker, is using this app.

It really, really gets good around 4:30, with a pitch perfect line, and an entirely predictable reaction from a stupid racist gamer—although it's good to see everyone else gang up on the bastard and tell him that the situation needs a whole lot more of him shuttin' the fuck up.

[h/t Mathue S.]