The West on the silver screen isn't the West at all without composer Ennio Morricone's memorable scores, most notably for Sergio Leone's masterpieces like A Few Dollars More.

The most memorable of all, though, and one you've heard on countless commercials and comedies since, is The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from the movie of the same name.


Here's the thing, though. That song is always played for a shootout. Fingers hovering over holsters, men facing off about to die. And it's the wrong damn song! The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, with its iconic whistling, plays during the film's opening credits.

The song that actually plays in the movie for its climactic shootout, which is the best you will ever see, is Il Triello, or The Trio.

If you can get through the clip above without getting goosebumps, I can't help you.


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