Town Life | It's worn a little thin by 2012, but boy, wasn't Animal Crossing something? By トキワラ

Forcing Old Atari Game Boxes to Tell the Truth

Rarely was there ever a greater discrepancy between actual graphics and box art design than during the Atari era. You'd get these amazingly evocative, painted box arts for a game about...blocks. More »

The Great Fallout Legal Battle is Over

The legal stoush between Bethesda and Interplay over the rights to certain aspects of the Fallout universe, which has been dragging on for years, has finally been settled, according to a report on Fallout fansite Duck & Cover.
While the actual details of the settlement are yet to be released -... More »

Turn Your Minecraft Creations Into Actual Sculptures

There's a new program available called Mineways, which uses open-source (read: free) software to let people turn their Minecraft creations into real-world objects.
We've seen services like this provided before, mostly for avatar recreation, but this looks way cooler, both because the software is... More »

Half-Life 2 Movie Posters Make You Wish for a Half-Life 2 Movie

If you've ever wanted to see a live-action Half-Life 2 movie, these mock posters are only going to make you want to see one a lot more.
They're the work of British graphic designer Sean Keenan, and are, for the most part, wonderfully tasteful and subdued.
He's based them on the posters for Chris... More »

Don't Expect Any More Zelda Games Looking Like Skyward Sword

When Ocarina of Time was released, the next game in the series re-used its art design. When Wind Waker was released, it spawned a number of handheld and multiplayer games borrowing its cel-shaded look.
Even Twilight Princess' art style turned up more than once, even if the second outing was for a... More »

And You Thought Mobile Game Art Would Suck...

Gameloft has a pretty poor reputation around these parts, much of it very richly-deserved, but that doesn't mean the mobile gaming specialists are entirely without merit.
In 2009 Gameloft founded Redsteam, a Singapore-based studio (formerly in Shanghai) that specialises in pre-production art. More »

The Zelda Timeline Has Now Been Fixed

Nintendo recently released an official timeline for The Legend of Zelda series, and despite providing closure for some, it provided problems for others. More »

Kinect and the Wii Help This Robot Pet a Cat

It''s like the entire internet, rolled up into a single story.
A software engineer by the name of Taylor Veltrop has managed to work out a way to get a Nao robot to react to his movements via both Kinect and a Wii Remote.
His setup also includes a treadmill and a head-mounted display: More »

Xbox Live Couldn't Handle a UFC Match Broadcast

The Xbox 360 getting UFC matches seemed like a good idea at the time. Pity Xbox Live couldn't actually cope with all the people trying to watch it.
Last Friday, UFC 141 was slated to appear on Xbox Live's fancy TV service. More »

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