BioWare bossman Greg Zeschuk inked himself with Star Wars: The Old Republic during release week, showing his bodily commitment to the MMO. His original tat was a little wishy washy, so we decided to give him a few suggestions, other than laser removal. Twenty winners inside, including MustangSaggy!

Leading off, lots of folks explored the celebrity beard route; Dondjaa (3) and Demosthenes (2) both had takes on Al Borland from "Home Improvement." dry-roasted-peanuts (5) saw Zelda enthuast Robin Williams. HylianHeroBigBoss (8) supplies us with Zach Galifianakis, a fellow N.C. State communication alumnus whose uncle represented my district in Congress. And GiantBoyDetective (7) brings us Cranky Kong.


UltraRoboNinja (19) imagines the tattoo Zeschuk would have gotten 11 years ago. Adil (1) celebrates a canceled title with Molyneux and Milo.

Not gonna lie, yayowars (20) is here mostly for Shepard's trollface. Kobun's (11) homage to Peter Moore is a little barebones but gets the job done. kesouk (10) speaks for the frustration of millions.

Overall winners? Look, I love pan1da7's (15) callback to my infamous wheelbarrow picture, but modesty prevents me from voting for myself here. stamp.your.foot (18), surprisingly, was the only one to pick up on the Skyrim arrow-in-the-knee meme. And SphessMahreen's (17) is full of so much WTFery I had to give it a special citation. But my top choice is, again, a subject near and dear to my heart—Asshole Dog, by MustangSaggy (14). I see Miyamoto's moved on to other creative endeavors in his non-retirement.


Thanks again to all who entered. We will have another 'Shop Contest, and it'll be posted at the end of the day, so you folks can work on your latest zany creation while waiting for Santa tonight.