Not exactly an Energon cube | More swag, this time for next year's Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Everything You Need to Know about Japan's PlayStation Vita

Over the weekend Sony unleashed the next evolution of portable gaming on Japan, and Kotaku was there. Here's our complete coverage of the Japanese PlayStation Vita launch, from queuing up to booting up and beyond. More »

Now That It's Out in Japan, How Do You Feel About the PlayStation Vita?

With our Japanese correspondent Brian Ashcraft waist-deep in the Japanese Vita launch, commenter Mykalt45 wonders if you folks think it's a worthy purchase, or purely in "3DS territory". More »

Should You Buy Star Wars: The Old Republic? Yes

When the RPG masters at BioWare team up with George Lucas' beloved science fiction franchise amazing things happen, but is the developer's first foray into the MMO market worth your massively multiplayer money?
A Star Wars: More »

Alleged Iranian Spy 'Confesses' that U.S. Video Game Company is CIA Propaganda Tool

When Iranian state TV aired the alleged confession of a homegrown spy on Sunday night, Amir Mirza Hekmati's recitation of supposed wrongdoings included the standard claims of working as mole for the American Government along with a less common twist: More »

10 Stupid Things Terribly Wrong with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is my one of my favorite games released in 2011. Here's why I hate it.
. . . oh, man! Usually it's not until some point buried deep within the labyrinth of one of these articles that I admit I'm being a jerk on purpose and just trying to get a rise out of people. More »

Make Sure Your Copy of The Old Republic Contains a Registration Code

In anticipation for tomorrow's official launch of BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic online retailers began shipping copies of the game to customers early so they'd have their registration codes ready. More »

Video Games Could Kill The TV Star

As game consoles become more like cable television boxes, maybe it's time for video games to start becoming more like cable television shows.
Earlier this year, major cable providers Comcast and Verizon both announced that they'd start delivering some of their programming directly through the Xbox... More »

One, Two Alan Wake's American Nightmare Is Coming For You

Next year, Mr. Scratch is coming for you.
Fueled by a mélange of urban legend horror, Twilight Zone story and Quentin Tarantino pacing, in some ways Alan Wake's American Nightmare is everything that 2010's Alan Wake wasn't.
I sat down with developers from Remedy last week to talk about the... More »

Is Rubber Ducky the One in iBath?

There's this famous PlayStation tech with a rubber duck and a submarine. Everybody always forgets the submarine, but remembers the duck. The PS3 had a duck tech demo, which didn't just have one duck. More »

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