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Is Rubber Ducky the One in iBath?

Illustration for article titled Is Rubber Ducky the One in emiBath/em?

There's this famous PlayStation tech with a rubber duck and a submarine. Everybody always forgets the submarine, but remembers the duck. The PS3 had a duck tech demo, which didn't just have one duck. It had a bunch. Oh, and pirate ships.


If you are familiar with these tech demos, they're going to be the first thing that comes to mind when you fire up iBath, a iOS app aimed at people with little kids.

In iBath, you fill your tub with water, add (or remove) ducks, and drag your finger around. That's about it! This is, in a way, a tech demo. It's not as impressive as Sony's duck demos, but outdoing Sony doesn't see to be the point.


Design-wise, I love the way it looks artistically; however, I do wish things like the faucet and bath stopper were bigger so they'd be easier for little kids to control. Or at least, I wish they weren't so darn close to the icons that add ducks to the bath and subtract them.

I gave the game to my three-year-old and he seemed to like it. I know this game isn't exactly aimed at me, but the music and the bath sounds are relaxing enough to serve as some sort of decompression aid. And one can never have too many of those.

iBath [iTunes]

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I have one of these ducks that was given away for the promotion of the PS3 in Europe. It has the release date printed on it: 17.11.2006 ... well... we know how that turned out!