Teh Future | TOKYO, JAPAN: Earlier this fall, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talked 2012. (Photo: Itsuo Inouye | AP)

A Skyrim Helmet Made of Bacon. Shout "Delicious".

Taking one page out of EpicMealTime and another out of some book in Skyrim about helmets made of bacon, internet person Liktwo made a Skyrim helmet. Out of bacon.
It's built using a delicate bacon weave, and once cooked looks good enough to wear. More »

The Jarls, Jesters and Thieves of Skyrim

The last time we saw some concept art from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it was from Ray Lederer, and featured loads of colour and action shots.
We've got some more art from the game today, and this time, it's all about the design. More »

Why You're Not Getting a New Zone of the Enders Anytime Soon

Hideo Kojima doesn't only make Metal Gear games, these days, it seems like they're all he makes. Even the diehard fans are getting sick of them. Why can't Kojima make another Zone of the Enders mecha game? More »

Iran Wants to Make a Game About Attacking Israel

There are sections of EA's blockbuster Battlefield 3 in which the player controls an American soldier fighting on the streets of Tehran. It went down pretty well in most places, but Iran isn't most places.
The state, a long-time foe of the US government, has lodged complaints with the game's... More »

I Never Want To Hear Another Skyrim Remix. Ever!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a great game with a great world and great music.
Some people love the music so much that they've decided to put their own spin on it. More »

Dante's Inferno Isn't Metal Gear Solid. It's the Japanese Police.

If you live in Japan, you've seen Dante Carver on television. The American-born actor plays "Onii-chan" or "brother" in a series of mobile phone commercials that star a dog as a family patriarch, actress Aya Ueto, and Shigesato Itoi's wife. More »

Yup, Ico's Creator Has Officially Left Sony

Fumito Ueda, the driving force behind both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, has confirmed that he is no longer employed at Sony.
Having joined the company in 1997, and until recently overseeing his own development team at Sony (Team Ico), Ueda's departure is a blow to Sony's home-grown talent... More »

The Cuter Video Game Characters Are, The More I Want To Kill Them

I swear I'm gonna murder Toad. I hate everything about him-his stupid smurfy hat, his dumb little smile, his goofy, perky body language. I despise his goddam Marge Simpson voice, and the way he yells "Rabo!" But most of all, I hate the way the little fucker keeps nailing me with blue shells... More »

The New Game of Thrones Board Game Sounds Excellent, Diabolical

I haven't yet been able to track down a copy of the new Game of Thrones board game, let alone carve out four to eight hours to sit down and play through a game. More »

The Most Important Artifact in the Diablo Universe

The Book of Cain is the ultimate guide to Diablo lore. It covers every aspect of the world of Sanctuary and its trials, beginning with the creation of the universe and leading right up to the doorstep of Diablo III, one of the most eagerly anticipated video games of 2012. More »

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