Sparks fly when the Caped Crusader meets one sexy feline sphere in this week's round up of the hottest gaming apps. Can you feel the simmering sexual tension?

No? Then maybe it's just me still trying to work the Batman sex scene from the first issue of DC's New 52 Catwoman out of my system. I see Batman and Cat-anything together in this week's list and I get all excited.

Not that you shouldn't be excited about Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, Catball, Hoodie Ninja, or Inertia: Escape Velocity, this week's shining (and sometimes ninja) stars. Just try to make sure it isn't sexual excitement; that's just awkward for everybody involved.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

I Don't Know Whether I Should Be Offended, Sad, Happy, or What

It's not everyday that you play a game that creates such an emotional mix. Then again, it's not everyday you play a game based on Fukushima with spinning radiation symbols, lasar perimeters, and aliens. More »

Inertia Catapults From Xbox Live Indie Darling to Android Excellence

If you're not moving forward you're doing it wrong. That's the philosophy that launched Inertia: Escape Velocity from its humble beginnings as an Xbox Indie student project to a full-featured mobile game for Android and iOS devices. More »

Ninja Hoodie Lets You Unleash Unlimited Shurikens in an On-Rails World

Ninjas. They've been a staple of video game adventures for decades now, but games featuring them almost always happen in feudal times. Makes sense, I suppose, since it's easier to set up a shadow warrior's superhuman powers of stealth in a world without electric lighting. Or cameras. Or alarm systems. More »

Batman's Return to Arkham City is Triumphant, But Short

Batman Arkham City: Lockdown is an entertaining, graphically lush chance to beat your way through four of Arkham's most notorious villains and their henchmen on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. More »

Catball Coughs Up a Coffee-Table Physics Puzzle

It's not often I get handed a video game and feel like I'm fumbling around with one of those frustrating ball-bearing balance puzzles that laid on the coffee table in the river room of my grandparents' home when I was a kid. After 20 minutes of trying, my brother, cousins and I could usually settle one ball in its appropriate socket, maybe two, before uttering two words taught by example by every adult in in the household, uncle to grandmother: "Fuck it." More »