Cyanide's upcoming Game of Thrones RPG promises to let players explore the world of Westeros, rather than just be led around it by an author and/or a TV show.

Since nobody has played the thing, or even knows that much about it, we can't vouch for how good it is. We can vouch for how it looks, though, and these screens show the game is at least trying to stick to the visual identity laid down by the current HBO adaptation (which is to be expected, since some of the characters in the game will match the appearances of their rendition in the show).

In addition to these screens, the game's developers claim there's around 30 hours of gameplay to be had, and that in your travels you'll be taking control of two men, a member of the Night's Watch and a Red Priest.

For those who have read the books (or seen the show), the game will be set right about halfway through A Game of Thrones (the first book/season).

It'll be out in 2012. You can see the last batch of screenshots here.