First World Problems | As seen and submitted by reader Seepheart.

Signs Point to "Command & Conquer: Alliances" as BioWare's Big VGA Announcement

Though some theories hold that the next Mercenaries game is the mystery reveal EA and BioWare have planned for the Video Game Awards, the smart money is still on a Command & Conquer game. And if that's the case, it'll probably be called Command & Conquer: Alliances if 15 domain registries by Electronic Arts are any indication. More »

Digital Download Discount for Vita May Explain Sony's Memory Stick Plans

If this is true, it may put a broader context on Sony's plan to sell proprietary memory cards for the PlayStation Vita at jacked-up prices. A rumor reported by the site Thrifty Nerd says the PSN downloadable versions of Vita games will be discounted 40 percent off their retail counterparts. This information, unconfirmed by Sony, was attributed to a company spokesperson at "a recent Vita event." More »

Take a Trip to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom's Weird 'Reverse World'

This glitch, found in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has apparently been known or observed before; now there's a tutorial for how to enter the game's "Reverse World," in which all combatants are silhouetted and all inputs are reversed. More »

The Lockout's End Brings Peace to NBA 2K's Holiday Season

Video game makers weren't lumped in with the archetypal beer vendors, parking lot attendants and other lunchpail types looking at lost paychecks as millionaires in two leagues argued through the spring, summer and fall. But a seat usher also won't find himself in the role of representing a league in the absence of scheduled games, as NBA 2K12 was for the past month.
More »

Online Pass Codes Can Expire, But Shouldn't, Says EA

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit released more than a year ago, but a NeoGAF member recently picked up a new, shrinkwrapped copy. He was upset to learn that the code inside for his Online Pass, which provides access to the game's multiplayer features, had expired. That's right: New-in-the-box game, unused code, and no multiplayer for you. More »

Herman Cain Quotes Pokémon as he Suspends his Campaign

Republican Herman Cain quoted a Pokémon movie once more as he suspended his campaign for President of the United States today.More »

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