They're good enough for a console but made for a mobile; at least three out of this week's five Gaming Apps of the Day could pass for at least previous generation console games. The other two...well they're real pretty.

What a Week in Gaming Apps it has been, what with the release of the eagerly anticipated sequel to one of the most impressive mobile games out there, a rusted robot heavy metal gun battle, and the second rebirth of a much beloved tale of daring adventure and raunchy humor. My pick this week, Sleepy Jack, might be console worth if you squint a little, and Sea Stars is rainbowlicious, so it gets a pass.

Yes, I said rainbowlicious, and I am not ashamed.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Shooting Robots On the iPhone Never Looked so Good

It's easy to look at Epoch in action and think it's trying to be Gears of War for the iPhone. Easy, and thankfully, wrong. More »

Sleepy Jack Is a Tunnel Vision Trip Through the Dreams of a Young Boy

Every NiGHT Sleepy Jack travels into his dreams to do battle with his favorite toys, taking players on a delightful journey that elicits the joy and wonder of childhood. Wouldn't Peter Molydeux be proud! More »

Infinity Blade II Improves one of the iPad's Best Games

We hear from some quarters that video games that are not played with some use of a button do not count. Wrong. The proof is on the iPad on my desk. More »

Jokes Fly Faster Than Arrows in the Goofy-Yet-Epic Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale, the highly enjoyable action role-playing game that launches today at the App Store, has a long, storied history-far longer and storied-er than your average iOS game. The first Bard's Tale was a well-loved 1985 computer role-playing game, whose protagonist was, appropriately enough, a singing Bard. That alone set it apart from most other RPGs, which tend to feature protagonists in the more familiar warrior, thief, and mage molds. More »

Sea Stars Pulls Off an Upside-Down Joyride

After about a year of the Gaming App of the Week, I've been very hard on games that are nakedly derivative of existing hits. Then one comes along and literally does everything a previous success did, except upside down, and I feel like I have to tip my hat. That's Sea Stars. More »